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Join Me On My Upcoming Small Group Safaris + One Rhine River Cruise

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Join Me As Your Tour Leader on An Exciting Adventure Down the Rhine River

November 2-9, 2020

Check out the itinerary and activities by clicking on the blue link below.

Captivating Rhine River Cruise Itinerary

Safari #1 NOW OVER (We’ll Run This Special Trip Again in 2020)

I’ll Take You to the Elephant Whisperer’s Lodge in South Africa

Early bird discount on exclusive elephant safari with experts in rhino and elephant conservation, August 31st-September 8th, 2019https://youtu.be/0v9IV8joyxg

Unlike most other safaris that visit South Africa, we are taking you to areas not often frequented by Americans, and offering a learning experience with regard to the plight of Africa’s wildlife and Lawrence Anthony’s extraordinary story. Our Safari is named:

An Elephant in My Kitchen: A Safari to the Home of the Elephant Whisperer in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, (Click for digital itinerary)

This is a very unique experience where we are inspired by the legacy of the “Elephant Whisperer,” Lawrence Anthony, an international conservationist, and savior of the Baghdad Zoo during the Iraq war.  We are invited to stay at his lodge in South Africa, situated in the oldest proclaimed nature reserve in Africa, inter-act with the elephant herd he rescued from extermination, and meet his French wife, Francoise Malby Anthony. Francoise started a rhino rehabilitation center where she cares for orphaned rhinos. We will learn about her baby rhinos Thabo and Ntombi, who are in her recent book: An Elephant in My Kitchen.

In between our daytime and nighttime game drives photographing Africa’s Big 5, we then spend two days under the supervision of world-renowned wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Johan Marais, founder of “Saving the Survivors” an organization that treats endangered wildlife that has been attacked and injured by poachers. Dr. Marais is the author of The Great Tuskers of Africa.

Visits to the local Zulus, traditional food tasting, and a special one-on-one reading with a local “sangoma” (Spiritual Healer) have been arranged, including watching the traditional throwing of the bones.

We finally stay in the luxurious Phinda Mountain Lodge with its unique and diverse ecosystem, Big 5, and nighttime game drives on their private concession. There we sample delicious cuisine and enjoy the warm and friendly hospitality in a walled-Boma under the star-studded skies.

I will be the tour leader on this Safari. I have already visited Thula Thula (Lawrence Anthony’s lodge) and would like to share this unique and interesting experience with you.

I hope you join me on this very different Safari.

Join Me As Your Tour Leader On My 2020 Upcoming Safaris

Wonky Tusk's Family at Mfuwe Lodge
Only one a year do you get to visit with Wonky Tusk’s Family at Mfuwe Lodge

Please call Sonia Marsh (949) 402-7828, for more information on this wonderful Safari.

If Africa is on your bucket list, and you want a custom Safari, my tour operator, Jim Holden at Holden Safaris, can help you design a special trip with your wish-list.



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