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Small group trips for baby boomers to Africa and Europe

I lead small groups of no more than 10 people on “We Travel With A Purpose” trips to Africa and Europe.

Why My Trips are Different

  • Every trip is custom and has a theme.
  • I lead women only trips
  • I lead singles trips to meet, have fun and bond while learning
  • Your dream trip to any destination can be custom designed by my team of experts
  • I keep my groups to no more than ten + me and our specialist guide

Every trip is custom and has a theme

You get to know everyone and make long-lasting friendships on my small group trips with no more than than ten people + me and a specialist guide. You will never feel left abandoned or forced to wait for your turn to “see” or experience an activity. Every trip is customized, and I make sure we stay in lodges or boutique hotels in Africa and Europe where you interact with friendly staff and locals, thus enriching your experience. Most people say they go to Africa to see the wildlife, but so often they say they remember the people. Take for example my “Women Travel With a Purpose” Safari in Kenya.

One of my yearly Safaris is for women only where we explore local villages and meet women working to support their children as well as schools and orphanages. All of my Africa trips include the Big Five viewing in East and Southern Africa.

Another theme is a “Writers retreat” in Africa with the backdrop of the majestic Victoria Falls and a visit to Chobe National park in Botswana for the incredible wildlife.

If you’re interested in learning more about elephant and rhino conservation, why not join my trip to South Africa where we meet the Francoise Malby-Anthony, who set up an elephant and rhino sanctuary continuing in the footsteps of her late husband, Lawrence Anthony. We meet with her in person, and have the opportunity to meet veterinary experts working on protecting the rhinos from poachers in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Finally, the magnificent Big Five at Phinda, and a visit to the Zulu village and their local Sangoma. For more information, please click on the digital itinerary. An Elephant in My Kitchen: A Safari to the Home of the Elephant Whisperer in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa,

I also lead groups to Europe, where I was born, and we experience river cruises with themes, such as wine tasting, culinary experiences, including writers retreats in England, France and Italy. I work with experts in Africa, as well as teams who can design trips for you, whether solo, or a couple or a family trip anywhere you want to travel.


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