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Small group trips for baby boomers to Africa and Europe

I lead small groups of no more than 10 people on “We Travel With A Purpose” trips to Africa and Europe.

Why My Trips are Different

  • Every trip is custom and has a theme and a purpose
  • I lead women only trips for those who have fun and bond while learning
  • My groups are small, no more than ten + me and our specialist guide

Every trip is custom and has a theme and a purpose

You get to know everyone and make long-lasting friendships on my small group trips with no more than than ten people + me and a specialist guide. You will never feel left abandoned or forced to wait in line to to experience an activity. Every trip is customized and I make sure we are always safe and stay in smaller lodges or boutique hotels in Africa and Europe. We have time to interact with the friendly lodge staff and meet local villages, thus enriching your experience. Most people say they go to Africa to see the wildlife, but so often they say they remember the people.

Here are examples of  “We Travel With A Purpose” trips. Click on the links to see the digital itineraries

East and Southern Africa:


This is a cruise to stimulate your creativity. Creativity doesn’t just happen, you sometimes have to make it happen. One of the ways that works for me is to travel, see new places, people and lifestyles.

This is “The Salon On The Rhine”with award winning author Nancy Klann-Moren.

Writers, Painters, Photographers, Poets, Performance Artists, Crafters, Ceramicists, and all creative souls, this is the cruise for you.  Our tribe of arty travelers will harvest the perfect balance of sightseeing, leisure time and a creative frame of mind, on our daily shore excursions through these enchanted river towns.

I lead baby boomer women only trips

I’m a divorced baby boomer and so are many of my friends. I think travel can be therapeutic for women who have experienced a loss of some kind, whether a death of a loved one, a divorce or they simply feel lonely.  My goal is to rejuvenate and bring joy and camaraderie between us.

Take for example my “Women Travel With a Purpose” Safari in Kenya. A couple of the women on this Safari with a purpose had experienced painful losses. They fell in love with the people of Kenya, and the beauty of the wildlife. At first they were scared to travel to Africa, but they are forever grateful for what this trip did for them. We have become close friends and meet regularly for happy hours and dinners.

My groups are small, no more than ten + me and our specialist guide

The purpose of keeping my groups small is to connect, enjoy getting to know one another, and be with like-minded people.

In Africa, we always have a professional guide and in South Africa, a tracker as well. See where the tracker sits below. That’s me pretending to be a tracker in Manyeleti, Kruger area. The tracker has to help the guide find the wildlife, and both him and the guide keep us entertained with their knowledge of the animals, their behaviors and even the plants, trees, bird-life, and the “little-five.” Do you know what those animals are?

tracker seat on a game drive in Manyeleti, South Africa
Me pretending to be the tracker on our game drive

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