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I’m looking for new lodges and activities for Safaris I plan to lead in 2020 and 2021.

Emirates is a great airline to fly to Africa, and there is always a stop in Dubai. Most flights arrive in the evening, so why not spend a couple of days in Dubai, exploring the sites such as the Burj Al Arab, the icon of Dubai, which was built in five years by a British architect.

We had our own guide, Tarik,  and did a tour of the old City. Everything we saw did not exist until the late 90s as Dubai was all desert before. Tarik took us to visit the spice market with saffron, dried lemons, limes and so many tantalizing scents I never smell in a U.S. market. We also visited the gold market with its display of extravagant necklaces, rings and more.

Spice market in Dubai
Spice market in Dubai

I really enjoyed the Heritage Desert Safari driving in vintage Land Rovers, dating from the 60s, in the desert.  Our adventure started with learning how to tie a keffiyeh, a middle Eastern headdress.

A falcon trainer demonstrated how she trains her falcons, and I got a chance to hold one on my wrist.

Falconry activity on Heritage Desert Safari Dubai
Falconry activity on Heritage Desert Safari Dubai


Dubai is definitely worth visiting and I plan to stop there with our future “We Travel With A Purpose” Safaris to different destinations in East and Southern Africa. Follow my next blog post to Botswana.

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